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July 29, 2014

A special visit to Goodwill with Susannah brings Frank a new look and a surprise! GO TO EPISODE PAGE

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The Great Puppet Episode

Susannah and Beth craft puppets using materials from Goodwill for a show at the Imagination Learning Center!


Back to School

The Divas and Goodwill client, Ronisha, redefine style for the students at Webster High School!


The Perfect Seat

Collect new tips and tricks as Susannah and Jenny build a bench completely out of upcycled materials!

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Meet the Divas


Susannah the Stylist

The sassy one. Yes, Susannah is fantastically feisty and a natural on camera - Look at that smile . . . and those cuticles (one of her weird obsessions). Discovered through her blog, Her Goodwill Hunting, she’s a lifelong thrifter who circles designer labels on a Goodwill rack like a fashion-famished shark. “Beauty doesn’t have to break the bank; I want every woman to know that they can look and feel beautiful on a budget.”

Dream Job: She always wanted to be a dolphin trainer.

Naomi the Fashion Fairy Godmother

If you’re at a Goodwill store and see a cyclone of beautiful white hair gliding over the racks, follow the bouncing bouffant and prepare to meet Naomi, the original Thrift Shop Diva. Naomi has turned heads and touched hearts for decades with her unique brand of Rehab Fashion. The oldest of seven, Naomi quickly learned to turn hand-me-downs into dress-me-ups. “Learn to use what you have got. You will not need what you have not.”

Naomi-clature: “slippers” = High heels.

Jenny the Upcycler

Jenny Murphy hangs out in dark alleys... let's clarify – that's where she finds “another man’s trash” to upcycle into funky functional furnishings. Her organization, Perennial, teaches the community how to transform orphaned furniture, fabric and “what have ya” using DIY tricks, hand tools and her go-to product: elbow grease. “The creative process is a PROCESS. It takes time, lots of trial and error and some fun to create a beautiful item from a piece of ‘trash.”

Pets: Drill Bit the cat.

Beth the Costume Designer

Professional seamstress, member of a singing pirate stunt show and she plays the ukelele. Enough said? This St. Louis native began hand-stitching clothes for her Barbie dolls and now constructs wardrobes for Meramec College Theatre, adding authenticity to every production from Macbeth to You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. “Thrift Shop Divas is not unlike a stage production, but we're telling real stories about the real people we're creating for.”

Favorite Goodwill Find: A duplicate of a polka dot skirt she lost two years before!